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: -- >> martha: it was a -- it's the big presuper bowl faceoff that everybody talked about, president obama sat down with bill o'reilly before kickoff, the leader of the free world tackling tough questions from bill o'reilly on super bowl sunday, they took on the economy, whether or not the president is actually moving to the center, the crisis in egypt, whether mubarek needs to go, canadait, cordial, fascinating interview. we're going to break it down moments from now, we'll go through with how he felt it all went down, that is going on inside "america's newsroom" this morning. >>> then there is this: a possible turning point in egypt today. reports this morning that a new cabinet is having their very first meeting since this crisis began two weeks ago, protestors, though, once again filling into their position necessary tahrir square, they are refusing to budge until president mubarek steps down. i'm martha maccallum on a monday in "america's newsroom". rick: nice to be with you, i'm rick folbaum. transition talks, set to get underway in cairo. martha: antigovernment protestors saying they w
and then we simply have to repeal president obama, we can do that and get a new president in that wants to get rid of the government takeover of health care, that will change. martha: she makes it sound sieveem. not so simple, though, her comments after the first nationwide tea party town hall meeting where she called for the end of big government and big spending. bill: keeping an eye on the markets, what a run we've had here, ahead of the opening bell, investors hoping to extend a seven-day streak of gains. wow. yesterday, dow closed up 71 points, well over 12,200. look at her go, huh? we'll see how the markets do, bottom of the hour, 9:30. martha: how about the weather? how about back to the weather for a moment? it just gets crazier out there, just with states like oklahoma and kansas at -- what states like oklahoma and kansas do not need. more snow is headed their way. they have had the most awful, icy conditions, accidents that we've seen over the past couple of weeks and now they're getting more of it. look at the radar, the midwest and parts of the south, already getting covered, oklah
from the budget, president obama threatening a veto of that idea saying he will overrule any cuts he finds disruptive. $14 trillion in red ink. who blinks first? you'll hear both sides today in "america's newsroom". >>> in the meantime, the riots are spreading in parts of the middle east, antigovernment protests now popping up in yemen, iran, libya, and bahrain, moments ago in bahrain, watch and listen to this: >> [explosions] >> bill: as you can see and hear from the gunfire, those protests taking a deadly turn. good morning, everybody. we will continue to monitor this out of bahrain out of parts of the middle east. i'm bill hemmer. well -- welcome to "america's newsroom". martha: busy day, good morning, everybody, i'm martha maccallum. one person shot dead, several others seriously wounded in that country's capitol and this is the scene in iran: >> progovernment demonstrations taking place, the hard line regime threatening to kill any opposition protestors or leaders. they want them executed, despite the warning, thousands of people continue to fill the streets in tehran. >> gunfir
, president obama comes out and says you've got to start this transition now. and that may be prompting his people to get out into the streets. bill: day by day now, again, live pictures here, you'll see it in a moment, kind of a cat and mouse game, one side pelt also the other, the other returns fire later. we have wondered hour by hour, which side the military takes. this is a country largely ruled by the military. if they support mubarek, he's safe and he's good and there will be a crackdown, good in terms of power and holding on to it until september. if not, what happens then? and that's the wild card the world waits to see play out. martha: we'll keep an eye on it. >>> in the meantime, social security, as we have reported here, is expected to run dry by 2037, and republican senator lend see graham says he has a plan to save the program. what he is now proposing. we're going to get that from him coming up. plus -- >> democratic leadership in the senate doesn't want to vote on this bill, but i assure you, we will. that's what americans want, it's the right thing to do. bill: he says rep
in egypt. reports out of washington this morning that president obama will speak about all of this to the nation in a news conference today. we're waiting for details on that. the white house is said to be working behind the scenes to prevent the egyptian government from a total collapse. president obama has called on president mubarek to listen to the demands of his people. >>> and it is being called a day of departure in egypt. mass demonstrations that are supposed to convince president mubarek to leave office. listen to some of this: >> [. >> the streets are jammed with protestors at this hour, at least 200,000 people are the estimates we're getting. always tricky to get a handle on the numbers, of course. they say they will not leave until mubarek steps down. we have heard all week that friday is the day that they expect him to leave his post leland vitt ser streaming live from cairo: >> good morning, martha. it's a very different scene here today. obviously, because of where we are. we've now come to a secure location. so many journalists have been beat up, so much equ
in new jersey, and it goes to the issue of president obama talks about being in the bubble and so much of politics is whether or not you've got your finger on where the people are, you know, and he seems to have his finger on where the people are, steve. >> i completely agree with you. one of the reasons that he is able to do that is because he's out with the people. he's doing town halls all the time, he's talking to people, he's answering his critics in a direct and forth right way that explains his position to them in a way that i think most people will find appealing. when he's talking to firefighters who are booing him, he says i understand your concern, but people have been lying to you for 20 years. i'm the guy who's coming here to tell you the truth. so your anger at me is misplaced. martha: now, here's the fascinating thing to me. a lot of people are arguing this is chris christie's moment, that the situation in this country is right for someone like him and they want him to run. here's what he said when he was asked about that: >> there are lots of people who will run just be
, moments from now, president obama will hold a news conference, two hours from now, white house reporters get together in the main room and get a chance to fire away. spending, the budget, certainly top of the list and egypt and perhaps what's happening in the middle east. we'll get a live report from the white house in a few moments on what to expect there. stay tuned for that. martha: meanwhile lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have been criticizing the president's spending plan for next year, republicans say the numbers don't add up, paul ryan, with a bit of a play on words, causing the budget, quote, debt on arrival. listen to this: >> look, presidents are elected to lead to face the biggest problems in our country and he's mia. he's pickup trucking. >> he wants you to be the bad guy. do you believe that congressman ryan? >> i suppose so, i guess so. i don't really care. we want to fix problems. we see this as a problem to our country and economy and we need to fix it. if the president is not going to lead we're going to propose alternatives. martha: that defines a big issue, of co
. martha: all this has now gone to the national level because president obama is now weighing in on what's happening in wisconsin, telling a local reporter this, some of what i've heard coming out of wisconsin, where you're just making it harder for public employees to collectively bargain generally seems like more of an assault on the unions is what the president said, then he went on to say this, i think it's very important for us to understand that public employees, they're our neighbors, our friends. when asked if the president was taking sides on this issue, new white house press secretary jay krarpby said this. -- dr. arney said this. >> i think he did express his opinion directly. martha: stuart varney, anchor of varney & company, what do you think of the president weighing on this? i think the president has jumped right into the middle of the state's financial crisis. people in the white house are organizing these protests, nationwide, they're spreading it and i believe they are clearly taking the union's side, they're saying the union should not have their power diluted and shou
that the telephone conversation between president obama and king abdullah of saudi arabia was unusually tense. that's a quote. president obama did issue a statement, as you just said, last night, about 7:52, it came out of the white house press office, saying we urge the egyptian government to move swiftly to explain the changes that have been made and to spell out in clear and unambiguous language the step by step process that will lead to democracy and the representative government that the egyptian people seek. one wonders whether or not that statement might have had some effect. we got skwr*ut statement just this morning from the supreme council of the armed forces of egypt, a 3-part mess mess -- message that read they promise to lift the state of emergency once this ends, committed to protecting the legitimate demands of the people, and the last part of the 3rd-part statement, they will not pursue the honorable persons who rejected corruption and demanded reform, but they warn against any attempt to damage the safety of the nation and the people. that statement from the supreme council of the
to have bill back from the super bowl weekend, good to have you here. the obama administration says it wants to lend a helping hand to states crushed by debt, proposing just a short term relief, a little jobless aid sprinkled in there. bill: b doesn't mean what it stands for. martha: bailout, baby! bill: stuart leads our coverage. bailout, what do you call t. stuart? >> some are calling it a mini back door bailout, that is a fact. here's what happened. the states have to borrow money from the feds to pay jobless benefits. states' jobless benefits. that money should be repaid this year and next year. in order to give the states a little helping hand financially, there's a moratorium on the repayment of that debt. so the states don't have to pay back the feds for the money they have borrowed in the past couple of years to pay state jobless benefits. that is financial help going to the states. some will call it a mini bailout. some will say no, no, no, it's just help for the states, so they can maintain jobs. either way, it's financial help, going from the feds to the states. that's wh
and president obama's $3.7 trillion plan, there it goes -- there it goes, martha! hot off the press, in the brown boxes, rolling down the hall, the masses of the paperwork goes public dark the white house saying it will cut a trillion dollars over the next decade, republicans say that's not nearly enough. in fact we've got a senator in a matter of moments that says that idea is timid. good morning, i'm bill hemmer. how you doing martha? martha: doing well happy valentine's day to you. there's no love on this valentine's day for president obama's budget plan on the republican side of the aisle, they're winding up against it. here's paul ryan, chair of the budget committee, on fox news sunday. check it out. >> the country's biggest challenge domestically speaking, no doubt about it is a debt cryis and i'm really hoping he's going to give us a budget that tackles this debt crisis and it shows he's advocating leadership on that point. i hope that's not the case, that we can get the debt going down but it looks like the debt will continue to rise under this budget. bill: the budget will
obama had previously called the wisconsin measure an assault on unions. both wisconsin and ohio, key battle ground states won by the president back in 2008. according to government numbers there were 14.7 million union workers nationwide last year, of those, more than 7 1/2 million were government employees, martha. martha: union busters or budget busters? coming up we're going to hear both sides in this very heated labor debate. first you're going to hear from a prounion support ner ohio and get their side of the story, then from ohio republican state senator keith faber on that who supports a budget plan that would strip the union woerbgs of their khra*bt collective bargaining rights. very heated debate. bill: in the meantime, fox news alert, a nation now awaiting at the step of a closed door council meeting on the situation in libya. screen left is the camera in new york, right right is tr*euf lee -- tripp lee, circumstances growing dimmer by the hour. watch this here: we are hearing from opposition leaders that bodies are piling up in the city, a sign that leader mommar gadhafi
of the cash-strapped states in this country, set to meet with president obama. you've got 45 states facing fiscal issues and the president plans to hear ideas about how to get things rolling in those states. the governors in washington for the stat finances' meeting, the president urging them to seek compromise with pub sick -- public sector unions, this is about wisconsin and not the confrontation. that's the message today. bill: to the federal government having its own budget issues and the clock is running. in five days, the deal keeping the government running expires. fears of a federal shutdown could become a reality and the opposing sides could not be further from compromise. house republicans proposing a temporary extension, about two weeks' time, that would keep things running for that period of time, house speaker john boehner saying something has to be done with washington's spending bing. >> -- binge. >> in other words, we're broke. broke going on bankrupt. and just as the bankrupt business has trouble creating jobs, so does a bankrupt country. italy, spain, greece, ireland, eve
comes in, as we are getting information of a very big deal, that is in the works from the obama administration. which is an effort to help out struggling homeowners. but, it could end up costing the nation's banks billions of dollars. this is a huge agreement that is under works. lenders would reduce the loan balances for borrowers who are under water, so to speak, who owe more, than their homes are still worth. it would renegotiate the deal, saying, you know, now you don't owe that much and now you are just going to owe us this much, okay? and if the settlement is reached there are now attorneys general in the state and federal agencies who are pushing for the banks to pay more than $2 billion in civil fines. on these deals and that would fund the loan modifications, and it is a little bit in the weeds there, but it is an interesting deal, could make a big difference for homeowners and the deal would not create any new government programs, to reduce the principal here and we wanted to bring in nina easton, a fox news contributor, of course, good morning, nina. good to see you.
. martha: that's one storm and here's another. a critical ruling on president obama's health care law, a federal judge ruled that law unconstitutional at 3:00 yesterday afternoon, this came down, saying that congress had overstepped its power when it passed the health care overhaul legislation. florida is just one of 26 states across this nation that have filed a lawsuit against the health care reform law. this, though, is the second time, two out of four, that a judge has said yes indeed, the individual mandate that says you must buy health care insurance is unconstitutional. this ruling, though, when this particular case things even one step further. florida attorney general went on record last night with greta. listen to this: >> we are very, very pleased with judge benson -- win -- vinson's ruling. it wasn't only a scholarly ruling, it was very complex but it also was very -- was also very simple and when ito what it said is the federal government cannot trample on our rights and yes, what the court ordered was it was none severable and inextricably bound and that means if one po
, and certainly, that is a mirror of reflection back on george herbert walker bush and president obama will honor the former president about the presidential medal of freedom and as he said there, it means a whole lot to receive that because it's the highest civilian har that -- honor that an american can receive. it happens next tuesday. good man. bill: he called him a gentle fellow. martha: you know what? he speaks so beautifully and he reminds us of a generation that perhaps we don't have too much of anymore so we're glad we have him around. what a nice man. bill eight years together. wow. so there's an attorney general taking the fight against health care to a whole new level and karl rove says it's not true that the gop cannot get it revealed. -- repealed. a creative new tack tir to take down health care is emerging. martha: very interesting. plus explosions that rocked an entire neighborhood, two blocks evacuated, and rescue workers are still looking right now. this is an ongoing rescue scene. they need to find five people who are missing in this wreckage. we'll take you there to al -- to a
? president obama and his wife, will they be included? we'll talk to price says diana's former butler. the wedding is getting close. the invitations have gone out. they were stuffing the envelopes in st. james palace. it looks like sarah ferguson whose daughters will be in the front row. her exhusband will be there. she is snubbed it sounds like. >> they had to draw the line somewhere. would you invite the divorced wife of your uncle? it doesn't make much sense. martha: william was one of the pages in her wedding. she still lives in the same house. they are daughters are close friends to prince william. it does feel if it thing hadn't happened and we have a picture where she tried to sell influence to her husband, if that hadn't happened do you think she would have been on this list? >> maybe she would have been. but there have been a lot of scandals and she is an embarrassment for the family. martha: she'll be dropping them off. it's a sad situation. she was very close to princess diana. what about the obamas? do you think they will be on the list? >> no, i don't. it's not a state oc
. martha: we want to show thaw president obama is at the national prayer breakfast right now, just making comments about egypt. we'll get those to you momentarily. but he's delivering his comments on faith at the national prayer breakfast this morning. it is an annual event, and we will continue to apprise you exactly of what is being said as the president speaks to the group in washington, at 9:00 eastern time. bill: in the meantime there's breaking news in dallas, texas, the super bowl is there on sunday, and today, that town is frozen, and now we have this giant apartment building that's just gone up in flames. a 3-alarm fire at an apartment building, where 75 firefighters are on the scene out of dallas, screen right. this is the imarpblgs only 20 minutes ago. they have done yo man's -- yoeman's work to try and extinguish those flames, northeastern part of the city, not known if they are occupied or under construction. hopefully it's the latter. a 3-story building north of downtown dallas, flames at one point were 60 feet in the air. look at the snow on the street, martha. dal a. texas
of the white house with the rain on the camera there, president obama will huddle with democratic governors today, they are in town for the national governors association meeting, on the agenda, ways that washington and the states can work together to try and get the economy going, try to cut some of the debt in these states. many of those governors are in a bind, though, because they face a huge cash crisis, the president is urging them to seek compromise, not the confrontation that we are seeing play out in places like wisconsin. >>> so let's focus in on the west coast now for a moment california suggesting that a plan -- that they have a plan that could have national implications. stuart varney joins us with the details on this from the fox business network. good morning to you stuart, above all places, right? california. >> california. i repeat, california! this is a heads up to every state worker in california and beyond, an independent, bipartisan commission, meeting in california for the past year has just issued a recommendation, and it is this: end the guaranteed pensions for curr
. >> they are not allowing the government shut down, it is the democrats in the -- and the obama administration who will allow it if it happens, i hope it doesn't happen. martha: everybody puts the blame on the other see you, though, you know. >> americans will blame both parties and, we can have the macho talk, it is their fault, no, it is theirs and, veterans and needy families don't get their checks and people are not taken care of and government workers are not paid there will be a pox on both their houses and the belief that there will be a favor of one than the other, and republicans will generally get the blame, because they are running the house -- >> you know what, alan, i want to make one point the message of november, you know and you may feel like that is a cliched phrase but it is forgotten at the peril of democrats. >> no, i think, absolutely, i think, you are wrong, martha. i -- >> and it will hurt them in the long run. >> if that is your position and the position of republicans, the republicans are overreading what happened in november -- >> you really think so. >> no -- >> we shot
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